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Through more than ten years history of oil equipment company

Petroleum Instrument and Equipment Company after more than ten years
The company was founded in2008Years,The registered capital1100Ten thousand yuan,Be engaged in research and development of petroleum exploration and development equipment manufacturing management has more than 10 years,Has the function of technology development and laboratory,And have a rigorous professionalism,Experienced r&d oil equipment、Production technology management team altogether56People,Senior technical staff16People。Production site8000Square meters,Production equipment30Sets。All kinds of detection analysis equipment60Sets,The dedicated testing equipment25Sets。
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Oil equipment research and development、Manufacturers

The company specialized is engaged in to produce oil instrument、Critical extraction plant、High temperature and high pressure reaction device、Laboratory equipment such as instruments and equipment research and development、Design、Manufacturing management comprehensive science and technology enterprise。

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Be engaged in research and development of petroleum exploration and development equipment manufacturing for more than ten years

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Oil equipment research and development more than 10 years manufacturing experience

With technical services to promote production and business operation mode,Constantly develop is developed with a high level of domestic technology products,Now has a number of utility model patent。


Excellent production technology

“Skilled in quality,Sincere service”Is my company's business philosophy

Adhere to the quality of science and technology as the guide for the center,Technical services to promote production and business operation mode,Constantly developed with a high level of domestic technology products,The existing number of utility model patent invention。


Production-study-research cooperation relationship

Thousands of customers quality products cooperation

Cooperation unit:Yangzhou university、Xi 'an jiaotong university、Daqing oilfield exploration and development research institute、Northeast university of petroleum, etc,External technical adviser for the northeast petroleum university professor。


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A quick response+Professional guidance

To build a set of efficient、Pragmatic pre-sale、Sale、After running mechanism,A sound system of after-sales pays a return visit,Won the broad customers approval,And he passed the international quality management system certification。

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Only high quality research and development of petroleum exploration instrument


Supercritical fluid extraction device using steps

         1、Check the power cord is normal,Check the water cooler、Whether the water heating box(Away from the box cover2-3Cm long),CheckCO2Cylinder pressure in5-6MPaAir pressure,Check whether the pipe joints and connection parts。    &n


Supercritical fluid extraction plant operation specification

          (A)、The critical flow definition         There are three phase a substance-The gas phase、The liquid phase、Solid phase。Three other coexistence equilibrium point is called the triple point。


What is oil instrument densitometer principle?

         Oil instrument density meter according to the change of gravity and buoyancy balance rise or sink。A densitometer function incomplete oil instrument can drifted in form,So buoyant force pushing upwards to force the force down slightly larger proportion。But in equilibrium,The fine is the gravity of the buoyancy。   &nb


SupercriticalCO_2Angelica naphtha and microwave assisted extraction

         Study the different extract method of angelica naphtha,In this paper, we use supercriticalCO2Fluid extraction and microwave assisted extraction research extracting angelica naphtha。         Experiments show that,